aluminum restoration

Clearkote can restore anodized aluminum to like new - permanently and will keep new anodized aluminum towers looking like new indefinitely. Maintenance of anodized aluminum coated with Clearkote is dramatically reduced!

Boat bottom & drives paint

If your boat stays in the water at least part of the year, good antifouling paint is critical for keeping it performing its best, and for reducing fuel costs.

Our services include removal of barnacles, sanded and painted.
Pricing is by foot. Customers are welcome to provide their own paint.

Other services

  • Isinglass polishing
  • Boat interior cleaning
  • Teak cleaning
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning for boats, home, office

topside wax/compound 

Rub rail up machine compounded or waxed for better results, cockpit hand waxed, chromes polished, isinglass cleaned, windows cleaned, all compartments waxed/cleaned,
nonskid cleaned, all vinyl cleaned and

boat wash detail

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly wash detail.

Wash and Dry of boat,
Vinyl Cleaned and Protected,
Windows and Isinglass cleaned

Cockpit Wiped down
Carpet vacuumed 


Featured Services

hull wax/compound

Waterline up to rub machine waxed or compounded. 

​Waterline yellow stain removed at no additional charge

Engine room cleaning

Need to clean your boat engine room and bilges? we can help to clean and dispose properly. Service is billed by the hour. 

We will clean dirty water/dirt, oil and will install oil sorbent pads.

Clear Glass Marine Restoration

Safely Removes Water Spots and Runoff Etch
Makes All Glass Shine Better Than New For Up to Two Years. Repels Water, Salt and Dirt with a Super Slick Finish. Resists Future Staining
Reduces Day to Day Maintenance and Keeps Hard to Reach Windows Clean Longer
Available In A Convenient Do-It-Yourself Kit!


The main reason to shrink wrap your boat, obviously, is to protect it. It’ll keep out rain, snow, ice, and UV light.

And unlike a tarp, properly installed shrink wrap will not leak. Period. It won’t ice up and collapse, you don’t need to brush off snow, and you won’t have to bail out puddled water, or anything like that. When the job is done right, you can basically forget about it until spring.